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What is Piping Manifold? A piping manifold is a system of specialized pipe fittings and valves that serves as a central point for multiple pipes to converge for the distribution of fluids for different locations. Like most pipes, manifolds can be made out of different materials such as metal and plastic. They are designed with different pressure and temperature conditions depending on their application. Piping manifolds have several parts, including inlet and outlet ports, which connect several smaller pipes to the main pipe, and control valves, which regulate the flow of fluid through the pipe system. Other manifolds have monitoring devices, such as pressure and temperature gauges to measure the condition of the fluid. Piping manifolds have various applications. Their main purposes include: Distributing fluid from the main pipe to the smaller pipes in the system; Controlling the flow of fluid to different parts of the system; Isolating a section of a pipe system for maintenance or repair. Piping manifolds are typically a part of the piping system in different settings, including buildings, ships, and industrial facilities. They can control the flow of various types of fluids, such as water, oil, and gas. Factors to Consider in Selecting Piping Manifold: Before you shop for any 8-station piping manifold, you have to consider its application and other important factors, including: Fluid Type. The type of fluid that will flow through the pipes will determine the materials and coatings of the manifold that will be used. Pressure. The pressure from the fluid being transported through the piping system should be considered when choosing the right manifold. Flow Rate. If your system has a required flow rate, it will determine the size and type of the manifold that you need. Temperature. The operating temperature will affect the materials and coatings of the manifold, so it should be considered when deciding the right type of manifold. Cost: Consider the cost of your project’s overall budget in relation to the cost you’re willing to shell out for the manifolds.

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